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Top 8 Unforgettable Kids’ Party Venues in Malta

Kids Party Venues Malta

When it comes to celebrating your child’s birthday in Malta, the island is teeming with fantastic kids’ party venues, each offering a unique blend of fun, adventure, and creativity. From historical sets transformed into magical playgrounds to adventurous outdoor activities, there’s a venue to match every child’s dream party theme. Let’s dive into the top selections for family-friendly celebrations across Malta, ensuring your child’s birthday is nothing short of spectacular.

Popeye Village Malta (Mellieha) – Kids Party Venues Malta

A step into Popeye Village is like walking into a live cartoon world. This former film set turned theme park in Mellieha is one of the most enchanting kids’ party venues in Malta, offering themed party packages and a variety of shows and attractions. Find out more about Popeye Village.

Itsy Bitsy World (Zejtun)

Perfect for energetic celebrations, Itsy Bitsy World in Zejtun stands out with its vibrant play areas and diverse activity options, including games, balloons, and karaoke. It’s an ideal space for lively birthday parties. Discover Itsy Bitsy World.

Floratorju (Naxxar) – Kids Party Venues Malta

Offering a sweet, private setting for more intimate gatherings, Floratorju collaborates with Toy Library Malta to provide a vast selection of toys and games, ensuring a fun-filled birthday bash. Explore Floratorju.

Rulina Fun Park (Montekristo Estate, Luqa)

For a whimsical outdoor celebration, Rulina Fun Park offers fun fair activities including bouncy castles and carousels. It’s a magical choice among Malta’s kids’ party venues for both children and adults to enjoy. Learn more about Rulina Fun Park.


Adventure-seekers will love McAdventure for its thrilling outdoor activities suitable for kids and teens. From rock climbing to kayaking, it offers an unforgettable party experience. Discover McAdventure.

The Park (Zurrieq) – Kids Party Venues Malta

The Park, nestled in Zurrieq, is known for its eco-conscious approach to parties. It’s a fantastic venue for those looking to celebrate in harmony with nature, offering tailored catering and beverage packages. Explore The Park.

Tiki Taka (San Gwann)

Tiki Taka adds a sporty edge to any celebration with its football pitch, making it an excellent venue for active kids and larger parties. It’s a central and accessible option for a memorable birthday bash. Learn more about Tiki Taka.

Playmobil FunPark (Hal Far)

A paradise for imaginative play, Playmobil FunPark features themed zones for kids to explore, making it one of the most beloved event spaces for kids’ parties in Malta. Discover Playmobil FunPark.

Malta offers a vibrant selection of venues perfect for kids’ birthday parties, each with its unique offerings. Whether you’re looking for an adventurous day out, a magical setting, or a lively play area, these venues provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable celebration.

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