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Customisation options are endless. Simply send us the text you would like printed on this metal name badge and we will take care of the rest. Discounted rates for larger quantities.

The reusable name tags shown in the photos are by order only and trough quotation as priced differently based on required amount. We have many other styles to choose from please contact us for more information.

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    Please specify the background color. Text and or logo you would like added to the name badge. If you have a logo please send in high quality PNG format with transparent background trough upload option here. 

    Select the quantity price based on how many tags you intend to order. Minimum Order is 50pcs

    Choose the outcircle color where the doming logo is placed. 

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Select the quantity price based on how many tags you intend to order. Minimum Order is 50pcs

    Choose the outcircle color where the doming logo is placed. 

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Select the quantity price based on how many tags you intend to order. Minimum Order is 50pcs

    Choose the outcircle color where the doming logo is placed. 

    • (max file size 256 MB)

    Select the quantity price based on how many tags you intend to order. Minimum Order is 50pcs

    Choose the outcircle color where the doming logo is placed. 

    • (max file size 256 MB)

Name Tags Malta: Your Premier Destination for Magnetic Name Tags

In the bustling landscapes of Malta’s industries, where the essence of personal interaction blends with professionalism, Name Tags Malta emerges as a beacon for businesses striving for distinction. Whether you’re navigating the vibrant corridors of hotels, the dynamic environment of retail, or the formal settings of offices, our magnetic name badges stand as a testament to quality and customization. With a commitment to elevating brand identity, Name Tags Malta provides a solution that seamlessly marries durability with sophistication.

Custom Magnetic Name Tags: Tailoring Identity to Perfection

At Name Tags Malta, we understand that a name badge is more than just a piece of metal; it’s a reflection of your brand’s identity and values. Our custom magnetic name tags are designed with precision, allowing for a level of personalization that truly sets your team apart. From sleek designs for business professionals to vibrant, eye-catching badges for retail staff, each tag is a canvas waiting to be tailored to your specifications.

Personalized Magnetic Name Badges: The Hallmark of Professionalism

The power of personalization cannot be overstated in today’s competitive market. A personalized magnetic name badge is a subtle yet powerful tool in making your staff more approachable, transforming each employee into an ambassador of your brand. These badges not only enhance customer interaction but also instill a sense of pride and belonging among your team members, contributing significantly to a positive work environment.

Metal Name Badges with Magnets: Combining Durability and Elegance

Crafted from high-quality aluminum, our metal name badges boast a durability that stands the test of time. The addition of a magnet attachment ensures convenience, allowing for easy application without the risk of damaging delicate fabrics. This innovative design, coupled with a gloss finish, provides an elegant solution that complements the professional attire of your staff, making our badges a preferred choice in Malta and beyond.

Engraved Magnetic Staff Name Tags: A Touch of Sophistication

Each of our engraved magnetic staff name tags is a work of art, meticulously designed to capture the essence of your brand. The engraving process allows for intricate details to be highlighted, offering a level of sophistication that is unmatched. Whether for a hotel concierge, a retail cashier, or an office administrator, these badges convey a message of excellence and attention to detail.

Business Name Badges Magnetic: A Gateway to Enhanced Brand Visibility

In the realm of business, visibility is key. Our Malta business name badges with magnets serve not just as identifiers but as tools for brand reinforcement. Visible, recognizable, and reflective of your company’s ethos, these badges are an integral component of your marketing strategy, subtly enhancing your brand’s presence in every customer interaction.

Customised Magnetic Name Tags for Retail: Fostering Connection

The retail environment thrives on personal connections, and our customised magnetic name tags are the bridge between your staff and your customers. Tailored to reflect your brand’s aesthetic and ethos, these badges encourage engagement, making every interaction more personal and impactful. By facilitating recognition and familiarity, they play a crucial role in creating a memorable shopping experience.

Hospitality Magnetic Name Badges: The Essence of Welcome

In the hospitality industry, where every detail matters, our hospitality magnetic name badges in Malta set the tone for a warm and professional welcome. Designed to complement the hospitality uniform, they add a touch of elegance and are an essential part of the guest experience, enhancing communication and adding a personal touch that guests appreciate.

Office Magnetic Name Tags Custom: A Synonym for Efficiency

In the fast-paced world of office environments, efficiency and professionalism go hand in hand. Custom office magnetic name tags are pivotal in streamlining communication and fostering a cohesive team atmosphere. These tags not only assist in the quick identification of colleagues and staff but also elevate the professional ambiance of the workplace. With Name Tags Malta, creating an organized and efficient workspace where every member is easily identifiable is simpler than ever.

Malta Employee Name Tags with Magnet: Celebrating Your Team

Recognizing the individuality and contributions of each team member is fundamental to fostering a positive work culture. Malta’s employee name tags with magnets celebrate this ethos by offering personalized badges that team members can wear with pride. Beyond their practical utility, these name tags serve as badges of honor, acknowledging each employee’s role in the collective success of the business. They are not just tools for identification but symbols of belonging and appreciation.

Magnetic Name Badge Design: Where Creativity Meets Functionality

The design of a name badge can speak volumes about your brand’s creativity and attention to detail. At Name Tags Malta, we believe in merging functionality with aesthetic appeal. Our magnetic name badge designs are crafted to represent your brand’s unique identity while ensuring readability and durability. Whether you prefer minimalist elegance or vibrant designs, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life, ensuring that each badge is a perfect blend of form and function.

Durable Magnetic Name Tags for Hotels: A Reflection of Hospitality

The hospitality sector demands not just aesthetic appeal but also durability and functionality in every aspect of service delivery. Our durable magnetic name tags for hotels are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use while maintaining their elegance and sophistication. These badges reflect the high standards of hospitality, serving as a subtle yet powerful element of your service ethos. They are designed to endure, ensuring that your staff look their best, day in and day out.

Sleek Magnetic Staff Badges Malta: The Definition of Professional Attire

Professional attire is not complete without the finishing touch of a sleek name badge. Magnetic staff badges in Malta are the quintessential accessory for any uniform, blending seamlessly with different styles and fabrics. These badges add a layer of professionalism and authority, making your staff instantly recognizable and approachable. With Name Tags Malta, achieving this level of professional presentation is effortless.

Professional Magnetic Tags for Shops: Enhancing Customer Service

In the retail world, excellent customer service is the cornerstone of success. Professional magnetic name tags for shops play a crucial role in enhancing this service by fostering easy communication between customers and staff. These tags are designed to be eye-catching and informative, enabling customers to initiate conversations and seek assistance confidently. By making your staff more accessible, these badges help create a welcoming and friendly shopping environment.

Magnetic Name Badge Solutions : Streamlining Your Business Identity

In today’s competitive market, a cohesive business identity can set you apart. Magnetic name badge solutions in Malta offer a streamlined approach to achieving this unity. From design to delivery, Name Tags Malta provides a comprehensive service that ensures your badges perfectly encapsulate your brand’s values and aesthetic. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, making it easier than ever to present a united and professional front.

Personalized Office Name Tags Magnetic: A Badge of Unity

The modern office thrives on teamwork and unity. Personalized office name tags with magnets are a symbol of this unity, binding the team together under the banner of your brand. These badges not only facilitate easier interaction and collaboration but also serve as a daily reminder of the collective goals and values that drive your business forward. With Name Tags Malta, personalizing these badges to reflect your corporate identity is straightforward and effective.

High-Quality Magnetic Name Badges Malta: Ensuring Lasting Impressions

First impressions matter, and with high-quality magnetic name badges from Malta, you can ensure that your team always makes a memorable impact. Crafted from premium materials and designed to your exact specifications, these badges epitomize professionalism and quality. They are not just identifiers; they are an extension of your brand, designed to leave a lasting impression on everyone they encounter.

Custom Magnetic Employee Badges Malta: A Symbol of Excellence

In the quest for excellence, every detail counts. Custom magnetic employee badges in Malta are a testament to this pursuit, offering a customizable solution that reflects the excellence of your brand and the dedication of your team. Whether you’re outfitting a small team or an entire enterprise, these badges are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and design, underscoring your commitment to excellence in every aspect of your business.

Retail Staff Magnetic Name Badges Malta: Building Customer Trust

In the retail industry, building trust and rapport with customers is key to success. Retail staff magnetic name badges in Malta play a significant role in this process by making staff members easily identifiable and approachable. These badges not only help in fostering a friendly shopping environment but also instill a sense of security and trust among customers, knowing that assistance is readily available whenever they need it.

FAQ Section for Name Tags Malta

Q1: How do I order magnetic name badges from Name Tags Malta?
A1: Ordering is simple! Visit our website, select the type of magnetic name badge you need, choose your quantity, and upload your design. Our team will then reach out with a digital proof for your approval before we begin production.

Q2: Can I customize the design of my magnetic name badge?
A2: Absolutely! Customization is at the heart of what we do. You can upload your design, including logos and text, and our design team will work with you to ensure your badges reflect your brand’s identity perfectly.

Q3: What material are the magnetic name badges made from?
A3: Our badges are made from high-quality aluminum, ensuring durability while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.

Q4: Will the magnet attachment damage clothing?
A4: No, our magnetic attachments are designed to securely hold your name badge in place without damaging clothing, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Q5: How long does it take to receive my order?
A5: Production times can vary based on the complexity of the order and quantity. However, once your design is approved, we typically dispatch orders within 2-5 business days. Delivery times will depend on your location.

Q6: Can I order name badges in bulk?
A6: Yes, we cater to orders of all sizes, from small teams to large enterprises. Bulk orders may also qualify for discounts. Please contact us for more details.

Q7: Are there different sizes or shapes available for the magnetic name badges?
A7: Our standard size is 25mmx76mm, but we offer a range of sizes and shapes to suit different preferences and needs. Please check our website or contact us for custom options.

Q8: How strong are the magnets used in the name badges?
A8: We use high-quality neodymium magnets that are strong enough to hold the badge securely in place through most types of clothing without any risk of it falling off.

Q9: Can the magnetic name badges be reused with different names?
A9: The badges are generally customized with specific names and designs, so they are not designed to be reused with different names. However, the magnetic backing allows for easy removal and reattachment without wear.

Q10: Do you ship internationally?
A10: Yes, we offer international shipping. Shipping costs and times will vary depending on the destination. Please contact us for more information on international orders.

Q11: What if I need to make changes after I’ve placed my order?
A11: We understand that changes may be necessary. If you need to make adjustments after your order has been placed but before production has started, please contact us immediately. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Q12: Is there a minimum order quantity for magnetic name badges?
A12: No, there is no minimum order quantity. We are happy to produce orders of any size, from a single badge to several hundreds.

Q13: How can I ensure the best quality logo on my badge?
A13: For the best quality, we recommend providing logos and designs in high-resolution vector format (such as AI, EPS, or PDF). This ensures that your design is sharp and clear at any size.

Q14: What happens if there’s an issue with my order?
A14: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If there are any issues with your order, please contact us within 7 days of receipt, and we will work with you to resolve the problem promptly.

Name Tag Type

Magnetic Aluminium Tag 25mmx76mmx1.15mm , Doming Logo Reusable 69x23mm , Reusable 78x32mm , Aluminium Reusable 75×42.2mm , Aluminium Reusable 70x25mm

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    Great quality!

  2. Ray (verified owner)

    Extremely fast service ! Went that extra mile to accommodate all my requests.

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