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In the world of personalized memorabilia, custom coins Malta hold a prestigious place, bridging the gap between mere objects and cherished symbols of honor, achievement, and community. These unique tokens, often passed from hand to hand or displayed with pride, carry more than just artistic value—they embody stories, commemorate milestones, and celebrate connections. From the intricate crests of military challenge coins to the bespoke elegance of corporate gifts, the appeal of custom coins transcends boundaries, inviting individuals and organizations alike to partake in a tradition of excellence and personal expression.

As we delve into the meticulous craft of custom coin creation, it becomes evident that this is an art form steeped in rich history yet vibrant with innovation. The choice between soft enamel’s vivid textures, hard enamel’s polished elegance, and the timeless sophistication of no color infill coins offers a spectrum of aesthetic possibilities. Beyond the surface, the decision between the standard 38mm size or a custom dimension, as well as the option for single or double-sided designs, allows for unparalleled customization. With the added allure of multiple color plating options, the journey from concept to creation is both a testament to personal vision and a collaboration with skilled artisans.

This guide aims to illuminate the path to crafting your custom coin, from understanding the nuanced differences in manufacturing techniques to selecting the perfect design and finishing touches. Whether you’re looking to honor heroes, bolster brand identity, or create a tangible piece of a cherished memory, custom coins offer a unique blend of permanence and personal touch. Join us as we explore how these tokens of appreciation, achievement, and affiliation are brought to life, ensuring that every coin minted is as remarkable as the story it’s meant to tell.

Soft Enamel Coins: Vibrancy Meets Texture

Soft enamel coins are celebrated for their vivid, dynamic appearance and tactile finish. The process begins with the creation of a metal base, usually from copper, brass, or zinc alloy, into which the design is stamped or die-struck, creating recessed areas. These depressions are then filled with enamel paint, color by color, with careful attention to detail. Once all colors are added, the coin is baked at high temperatures to cure the enamel, solidifying its place within the stamped metal borders. This method results in a distinctive textured surface where the metal lines are raised above the enamel, adding depth and dimension to the design.

The allure of soft enamel lies in its versatility and the vibrancy of its colors, making it a popular choice for commemorative coins, promotional items, and collectibles. The slightly embossed feel allows each detail to stand out, offering a tactile experience that is as engaging as the visual appeal. Moreover, soft enamel coins are more cost-effective compared to other types, making them accessible for large orders without compromising on quality or impact.

soft enamel coins malta soft enamel coins malta

Hard Enamel Coins: Sleek, Custom Coins Malta

Hard enamel coins offer a sleek, polished look achieved through a meticulous process that begins similarly to soft enamel but takes durability and quality to the next level. After the initial die-striking, the recessed areas are filled with hard enamel paste, which has a thicker, more resilient consistency compared to soft enamel. The coin is then heated to high temperatures, a process repeated several times to ensure the enamel is thoroughly hardened and filled up to the same level as the metal borders.

The final step involves polishing the coin’s surface, resulting in a smooth, flat finish that beautifully showcases the design without any texture between the metal and enamel areas. This technique not only enhances the coin’s visual appeal but also its durability, making hard enamel coins highly resistant to scratches and wear. Their premium quality and elegant appearance make them ideal for official commemoratives, high-end promotional gifts, and any occasion where a touch of sophistication is desired.

hard enamel coins malta

No Color Infill Coins: Custom Coins Malta

For those who appreciate the understated elegance of metalwork without the addition of color, no color infill coins are a testament to the beauty of simplicity. These coins rely on the metal’s natural finish and the skillful use of relief and texture to bring designs to life. Techniques such as die striking, engraving, and the application of various finishes (e.g., antique, polished, or satin) are employed to create contrast and depth purely through the manipulation of light and shadow.

No color infill coins are distinguished by their classic appeal and the emphasis on craftsmanship. They stand out for their versatility, serving well in formal contexts or as timeless keepsakes where the material’s quality and the precision of the design are the main focal points. This technique celebrates the metal’s inherent beauty and the artisan’s skill, offering a refined option for those seeking a more traditional or minimalist aesthetic.

die struck coins no color infill

Customization Options

Coin Sizes: Custom Coins Malta

Coin size plays a crucial role in the design and usability of a custom coin. The standard 38mm diameter offers a balance of visibility and portability, making it a popular choice for many. However, the option for custom sizing allows for a more tailored approach to meet specific needs. Larger coins provide a broader canvas for intricate designs and detailed inscriptions, making them ideal for commemorative purposes where capturing every detail is paramount. Conversely, smaller coins might be preferred for their convenience and subtlety, suitable for everyday carry as a token or emblem.

Selecting the right size is a deliberate process that considers the coin’s intended use, the complexity of the design, and the preference for impact versus practicality. Whether opting for the standard 38mm or venturing into custom dimensions, the size of a coin can significantly influence its presence and significance.

Coin Design: Custom Coins Malta

The design of a custom coin is where creativity meets craftsmanship. The option to create imagery on one or both sides of the coin allows for versatility in storytelling and symbolism.

  • Single-Sided Design: Focused and impactful, single-sided coins present a singular narrative or emblem. This option is fitting for medals, where the reverse might be reserved for engraving names, dates, or other personal details.
  • Double-Sided Design: Offering a dynamic canvas, double-sided coins allow for complementary or contrasting designs. This duality can represent dual aspects of an organization, event, or personal value, enriching the coin’s narrative.

The choice between single and double-sided designs impacts the planning and execution of the coin, from conceptualization to the final minting process. It influences the storytelling potential, the manufacturing complexity, and, subsequently, the budget.

Multiple Color Plating: Custom Coins Malta

The finish of a custom coin is not merely about durability but also about aesthetics and symbolism. Multiple color plating options—gold, silver, bronze, and more—offer diverse ways to highlight and distinguish the design.

  • Gold Plating: Associated with prestige and achievement, gold plating is often chosen for high honors and commemorative pieces.
  • Silver Plating: Offering a sleek and modern finish, silver is versatile, reflecting sophistication and innovation.
  • Bronze Plating: Evoking tradition and durability, bronze plating is ideal for historic commemorations and enduring recognitions.

The choice of plating can complement the design and purpose of the coin, enhancing its visual impact and the message it conveys. It’s not merely a color choice but a strategic decision that adds depth and resonance to the custom coin.

coin plating color

Custom coins are a versatile and timeless keepsake that holds significance across a wide array of customer demographics. Here’s a breakdown of the types of customers for whom custom coins are particularly suitable:

  1. Military and Law Enforcement Personnel: Custom coins, also known as challenge coins, have a rich tradition within the military and law enforcement communities. They are often used to signify membership in a particular unit, commemorate achievements, or as tokens of appreciation. Military and law enforcement personnel frequently exchange challenge coins as a symbol of camaraderie and mutual respect.
  2. Corporate and Business Clients: Many businesses use custom coins as promotional items or corporate gifts. These coins can feature company logos, slogans, or other branding elements, serving as memorable tokens for employees, clients, or partners. They are often utilized in marketing campaigns, employee recognition programs, or as giveaways at corporate events.
  3. Nonprofit Organizations and Charities: Custom coins can be powerful fundraising tools for nonprofit organizations and charities. By creating coins with meaningful designs related to their cause, these organizations can offer them as tokens of appreciation to donors or sell them as merchandise to raise funds. Custom coins help foster a sense of community among supporters and provide a tangible way to show solidarity with a cause.
  4. Sports Teams and Clubs: Sports teams and clubs often use custom coins to commemorate championships, tournaments, or individual achievements. These coins can be customized with team logos, player names, or event details, serving as cherished mementos for athletes and fans alike. Custom coins can also be used as incentives or awards for outstanding performance or sportsmanship.
  5. Government Agencies and Public Service Organizations: Government agencies and public service organizations frequently use custom coins to recognize the contributions and achievements of their employees. These coins can be awarded for acts of bravery, years of service, or exemplary performance in the line of duty. Custom coins serve as tangible symbols of appreciation and dedication within these organizations.
  6. Collectors and Enthusiasts: Custom coins appeal to collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate their craftsmanship, historical significance, and aesthetic value. From military challenge coins to commemorative coins featuring iconic landmarks or historical figures, there is a wide range of designs to suit various interests. Collectors often seek out custom coins as valuable additions to their collections or as unique pieces of memorabilia.


Custom coins Malta are more than just collectibles or tokens of appreciation. They are powerful storytelling tools, carrying the weight of history, achievement, and personal significance. The options for customization—whether in the coin’s size, the richness of its design on one or both sides, or the final touch of color plating—ensure that every piece is a unique embodiment of its intended message and values.

As we conclude this exploration into the world of custom coins, it’s clear that the true value of these items lies in their ability to encapsulate moments, honor individuals or groups, and symbolize deep-seated affiliations. The meticulous craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and personalized touches not only make each coin a work of art but also a treasure that transcends its material value.

For anyone considering the creation of custom coins, the journey is one of imagination, meticulous planning, and collaboration with skilled artisans. The end result is a timeless piece that, whether held in the hand or displayed with pride, serves as a lasting testament to the stories, achievements, and memories we hold dear.

In the realm of custom coins, the possibilities are as boundless as the creativity and intent they embody. As symbols of honor, commemoration, or branding, these coins weave together tradition and innovation, offering a tangible connection to the stories and values they represent.

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