Personalised Cake Toppers

Throughout the world cakes have always been the star attraction for many celebrations, from simple icing cakes to full on decorated ones with all sorts of characters, colors and cake toppers.

At Custom Island Gifts we strive in providing the best custom cake toppers our clients in Malta and worldwide envision for their cakes. Each cake topper can be designed from scratch or chosen from our hundreds of ready available designs. We can provide you with different types of options to choose from:

  • Wooden Cake Toppers
  • Mirror Acrylic Cake Toppers
  • Glitter Cardstock Cake Toppers

Wooden Cake Toppers

If you are planning a more rustic setup for your party wooden cake toppers are definitely the way to go. We stock a wide variety of wood grains and can cut out almost and shape, text or font your heart desires.

Mirror Acrylic Cake Toppers

personalised mirror acrylic cake topper

For a more elegant party setup we suggest opting for our mirror acrylic cake toppers. The material is made from 3mm thick acrylic coating in mirror gold, silver or rose gold backing. The mirror is shown only on the front side and leaves a long lasting impression on your elegant style cake.

Glitter Cardstock Cake Toppers

If you are looking for a more budget friendly and simple cake topper we suggest opting for your glitter cardstock material. We stock a wide range of colors which has real glitter attached to the front side and white backing on the reverse side.

Custom Designs For Any Type Of Party/Event

We can design any typ

e of cake decoration your mind envisions for all sorts of events.

  • Wedding Cake Toppers
  • Anniversary Cake Toppers
  • Birthday Cake Toppers
  • Baptism Cake Toppers
  • Engagement Cake Toppers
  • First Holy Communion Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers

wedding cake toppers malta

Weddings can be setup in different styles, our wooden and mirror acrylic toppers are generally the most sought after for these type of cakes.

Anniversary Cake Toppers

If your celebrating an anniversary we can add any type of customisation you like, be it the year, name or whatever you can think of. Our mirror acrylic cake toppers are the most popular for these type of events.

Birthday Cake Toppers

We can design your birthday cake topper for all sorts of ages, genders and party styles. All our available materials used for cake toppers can be used for these sort of parties.

Baptism Cake Toppers

We have a wide range of baptism cake topper designs available which we can add any name you like to them. Generally we use all sorts of materials for this type of cake topper.

Engagement Cake Toppers

If you are celebrating an engagement our mirror acrylic toppers are most sought after for this type of party.

First Holy Communion Cake Toppers

Our most popular material for this type of event is silver mirror acrylic. We design mainly with personalised names added to the topper.

Should you wish to send us photo examples of cake toppers you found online please do not hesitate to contact us trough our contact page and we will begin designing your dream topper. Please include any photos, fonts, sizes or any other ideas you have in mind.